Heading Out in the Hamptons

Red Wine is the Color of the Season


Red Wine is the Color of the Fall Season! At Wolffer’s Winery in The Hampton’s, not only is our favorite Wine Red, but now they are debuting a new Cider in Red. It’s called No. 139 Red Cider. The taste is lovely and balanced, not sweet and a lot lighter than wine. Wine Enthusiast magazine has nominated Wolffer to compete for the prestigious title of American Winery of the Year. This is a great recognition of Long Island Wine’s. Wolffer Winery has some new red wines coming soon! These will be light elegant reds-not oaked or tannic- and with an amazing aroma. These new light wines are highly anticipated. Finally in The Fall of 2018, we will see the release of Wolffer’s first Brandy. It is a limited edition release. This Brandy will be super elegant with a beautiful aroma.

We are enjoying the fabulous red wine at Wolffer’s and the beautiful weather! It’s nearly time for the Harvest Festival! It will be the 30th anniversary this year with a lot of special activities.

Simply “Sipping” Delicious… Hampton’s Style!

Brenda & Ashley!