Hamptons Holidays – Thanksgiving Wine List

There are nothing like the Holidays in the Hamptons….as we were driving into the Hamptons today watching the leaves hit the ground and the smell of cold and fall in the air, the holidays are a special time out east!

Wine pairing for a Thanksgiving meal can always be a bit of overwhelming making choices that go well with your dishes – as long as the wine is flowing and you are surrounded by friends and family, there are no bad choices!

We have a few favorites though that pair well with Turkey and all the trimmings!

Here are our top local picks for pairing with your Thanksgiving meals:

The Reds:

  • McCall Wines – Ben’s Blend:  This red wine is exquisite!  It is so smooth and goes great with Turkey (especially the spiced smoked one we are serving!)
  • Macari – Bergen Road: A heavy and delicious red is another good option if you are serving lamb or any other type of non turkey meat (but also goes well with Turkey)

The Whites:

  • Kontokosta – Viognier: a crisp and different white is perfect to compliment the cheese or starter course
  • The Grapes of Roth – Dry Reisling: A beautiful fruit forward reisling – but not too sweet and smooth to drink – great with the appetizers OR white with the meal

The Bubbly:

  • Channing Daughers – Tocai Friulano: an interesting bubbly that is bottled a bit different than the norm and is great with dessert – dry enough to compliment the sweet!
  • Sparkling Pointe – Brut Rose:  There is always room for a little pink!

Keep Life Delicious this Thanksgiving!