Heading Out in the Hamptons

Delicious in The Hampton’s – Farm Stands and Bakeries

The Hampton’s have always showcased local farm stands that have fruits and vegetables that are picked fresh from the field that are mouth watering. One of our favorites is Round Swamp Farm Market in the heart of Bridgehampton village. This market offers not only fresh produce grown locally but delicious homemade baked goods as well as pre-prepared meals and salads. It is a delightful environment for the community to gather to buy their delicious foods. Claire’s Lemon Pound Cake is amazing. This is where we bought our fruit that we topped our cheesecake with-by putting mounds of strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries on the top! This delicious fruit topped cheesecake was amazing as we ate it by our pool. Another favorite of ours is a tiny bakery in Wainscott. They are out of New York City and serve up signature over-sized chocolate chip cookies plus brioche, scones and more. These two stops are a must for all the foodies that have sweettooths!


Simply Delicious… Hampton’s Style!